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Went to see my inspiring professor's exhibition at Coral Springs Art Museum this weekend. He has taught me so much in just one semester and has motivated me in my passion for the fine arts. I couldn't make it opening night but I couldn't have missed it either. If you ever want to be taught by the best I recommend Tom De Vita.

Valerie V.



De Vita is a great artist and teacher. He inspires greatness.

Jasmine L.


Professor De Vita is a great teacher as well as a great painter!

Simon K.



I have been taking classes with Tom for about a month or so, and have seen my drawing improve by leaps and bounds. Not just a great artist, but also a superb instructor....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Luis Reyes


"Tom is a wonderful TEACHER; he knows how to 'lead forth' new skills and creativity in his students. Working with him is truly an educational experience-- never to be forgotten. He is encouraging yet challenging-- and very patient and knowledgeable. His love of painting is infectious. Tom is the best!"

J.R. Leveroni



"I was a student of Tom's at Broward College last year. The course I had with him was Life Drawing. I enjoyed his class so much, that I wanted to see if there were any other art classes he taught. When I found out he did painting workshops, I joined as soon as I could. I've been attending them for about three months now and it's been a wonderful experience. Tom is an incredible teacher. He will do whatever it takes to help you reach whatever goal it is that you have in his class. I've learned so much from him, and hope to continue learning from him. You're an awesome teacher, thanks Tom!"

S. Maceo



"Tom has awoken the artistic beast inside of me while simultaneously beating down the voices in my head that said I couldn't do it. He's taught me everything from drawing, paint, mediums, brushes, technique, to stretching canvas, and has encouraged me to try things I never would have attempted on my own. His classes are always relaxed and casual in mood while maintaining order and professionalism. His personal work is incredible and inspiring, and the studio environment has an awesome creative energy that motivates you to bring out your inner artist. I have become addicted to Tom's workshops and the days I participate are my favorite days of the week every time. You will not find a kinder, more giving and generous mentor. Thanks Tom! It's wonderful just to have gotten to know you."

M. Sante 





"I have taken classes in Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale for the past three years. I started taking classes with Tom De Vita last year and he has taught me new and important ways of looking at my work that I haven't gotten before. His talent as an artist and demeanor as a teacher are both inspirational and fun. I highly recommend and hope to continue learning from him." 

 MJ. Kindred




"I had such a wonderful experience. Tom is a great Painter and teacher. Not only did I gain technical knowledge, but Tom encouraged me to take my work to a new level. He continues to serve as an inspiration and mentor. Thanks Tom. You are awesome Man !!!!"

 A. Alvarez  



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