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Can I do a trial class for free? No, we don’t do trial classes, either paid or free. 


Do I need to start in drawing?: Yes, no exceptions.

What if I am a beginner, can I still join? No problem. Most of our students are beginners. Every Master was once a beginner.



Am I allowed to pay online or use Venmo/Zelle? Yes, online payment is easy to do following the instructions on this website.


Do I have to come the same time and day every week? No. Our program is designed for you to tailor your sessions around your busy schedule. We do recommend, however, that you attend at least once a week. Some students come twice or three times a week, you can too!

Can I change the duration of any class? No. You book and the class is deducted from your account accordingly. The class time cannot be split in different days.

What if I book and don't show up? You will be charged for the class, regardless of the reason.


Can I just show up to class if I forgot to book or if it’s showing as full? Since our space is limited, we don’t allow students to come in without booking the class in advance. The app will give you the opportunity to sign up for a waiting list if the class you are interested is full and we can let you know if a spot opens up.


Do I have to book my class every single week? Yes, you do.

Can I cancel a booking, and if so, how soon before the class? You have up to an hour before class to cancel. This allows anyone on the waitlist to join in.

Do I need to pre-purchase classes with a minimum of blocks of four? Yes.

I ran out of classes, can I pay for today’s class next week? No, once you are at 0 classes, you are not allowed in class until you purchase a new class package.

Can I book without purchasing classes? No. You will be removed from the booking.



Do I need to purchase supplies? It is recommended but only is required for painting.

What supplies do I need and where can I buy them? We will tell you what you need and help you find the best place to purchase them.



Can I use my cell phone during class time? Cellphones are allowed in the classroom to do research, to see reference photos, etc. However, students are not allowed to have phone conversations during class time.

Is it okay to drop off or pick up my child 30 minutes before or 30 minute after class? No, the door will open 10 minutes before class and we will be closing 10 minutes after each class. We are not responsible for your child outside of those times. 

Can I or my child bring a best friend to sit next to her until she is done with class? No, no visitors are allowed while the student is taking a class.

Can I come to class if I have a cold or are I am not feeling great? No, you are not allowed to come in to the studio if you are feeling sick.

Can I talk to the other students about any topics during class time? Appropriate conversational topics that are art centric, not too distracting nor too loud are allowed amongst students. Inappropriate topics, such as sensitive political and religious conversations, are not allowed.



I know we just met but can you make me a recommendation letter? No, we don’t do recommendation letters for students that we don’t know well, whose work is not of a high standard, does not have a great work ethic, or that they don’t follow the rules and regulations of our studio.

Can you guarantee acceptance in any of the universities that I’m planning to apply to? No, we can guide you and help you to develop a portfolio but we can’t guarantee that you will be accepted into any College or University.


Can you help me develop a Portfolio in a month? No. Portfolios take time to develop. We need to know the major and the schools to be able to assist in the development. 

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